new e-book:
optimizing the sales process at every touchpoint

This free e-book provides ways to optimize your sales funnel at every touchpoint, addressing the following key points of the process:
  • raising awareness
  • inquiry
  • tour
  • follow-up & deposit
  • move-in
  • thriving in the community

strategic differentiators lead to increased occupancy at your community.

Sales teams are always looking for new ways to differentiate their senior living community with qualities and amenities that will put them at the top of the list. When it comes to a prospect’s sales journey, a Sales and/or Marketing Director’s main objective is to make their community stand out among competitors vying for the same aging population. 
In this eBook, we’ll explore why Eversound is a perfect resource to accompany Sales & Marketing Directors as they push prospects and their loved ones down the funnel through a process that will increase tour conversions , build occupancy, and establish en- gaging communication from introduction to well past move-in day. Download the book to get started with actions you can take to grow your occupancy.

1200+ senior living communities trust eversound 

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